All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation
All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation (Registered Under the Indian Trade Unions Act,1926)
Affiliated to All India Bank Officers' Confederation

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All India UCO Bank Officers' Federation has been keeping itself updated and equipped with the changing scenario. Federation could foresee transition from manual banking to technology driven banking as back as in early nineties. As a consequent of which Federation addressed a letter to the then Chairman & Managing Director of Bank in 1992 requesting for giving attention and emphasize on computerization. Federation installed computers imported from Singapore in its office in early nineties before any computer was installed by Bank.

Federation hosted its website on the url in February, 2004. The website was restructured in 2011. Now, keeping pace with the time and requirement the website of Federation has been thoroughly redesigned and restructured. We welcome you all to the new-look updated website of Federation.

In UCO Bank, there is only one total organization amongst the Trade Unions i.e. our Federation. Apart from being overwhelming majority officers' organization affiliated to AIBOC & AINBOF, we have an well managed Trust bestowing benefits to its members, Educational Trust already formed, which opened its first entrepreneurship and skill development institute named AIUCBOF Educational & Entrepreneurship Development Institute (AEEDI) at Suri, West Bengal on 7th August 2013, Thrift and Co-operative Societies being managed by the Units of Federation, which take care of financial requirements of members. And above all we are deeply involved in social welfare activities. Our Units have been running school for mentally challenged children, adopted village, contributing generously to the social cause. Both Federation and its Units firmly believe that we owe a lot to the society and therefore, we must return it the under-privileged people.

The Federation has been attaching topmost importance to the emerging leadership crisis due to retirement of large numbers of experienced and seasoned leaders, both at Federation and Unit level by the year 2015. It feels that there is an impending necessity to groom young comrades to take the reins of the Organisation in future. Unless we all put in concerted efforts to develop younger leaders, Organization might be in difficulty in future due to absence of competent leaders.

Transition in human resources of Bank started taking place. Those who joined the Bank after nationalization in ‘70s & ‘80s either retired or on the verge of retirement. New recruits; both officers and workmen; generalists and specialists, have started joining the Bank. By March, 2007, more than 7,000 Executives, Officers and Workmen would retire.

Present leaders of our Federation firmly believe that they have got a noble responsibility to create a safer and healthy work-place for new generation officers before they leave the Bank as in family we do so for our children..