All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation
All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation (Registered Under the Indian Trade Unions Act,1926)
Affiliated to All India Bank Officers' Confederation

Milestones And Achievements


1. Year 1964 has seen the birth of All India United Commercial Bank Officers' Federation (AIUCBOF) at 8, Amortalla Street, Kolkata. Since then AIUCBOF stands as a symbol of aspiration and ambition of the Officers of the bank. The first President and General Secretary of Federation were Com. H P Saxena of Punjab and Com. H P Das of West Bengal respectively.

2. The year 1970 saw the following significant achievements of the Federation:- 1. Membership from all over India; 2. New State Units of Federation; 3. A comprehensive and scientific Charter of demands and a settlement 4. Bargaining power on behalf of the Officers

3. In 1983 Federation signed a Promotion Policy having two channel of promotion viz. i) Seniority Channel ii) Merit Channel.

4. Agitation in the year 1984 including mass casual leave for officers' rights and privileges. The year 1984 shall always be reckoned as a milestone in the history of Federation. At the call of the Federation officers went on a mass casual leave State-wise, which was a unique programme. By plunging into organisational action officers, all over the country, became united and militant. Federation's mission to consolidate the officers to establish their distinct identity started finding success.

5. Prolonged organisational action programme including mass casual leave by officers could provide the necessary jerk to the bank management to wake them up from their slumber. They were forced to sit for negotiation on 4th, 5th and 6th June 1984. While there was torrential rain outside and the entire BBD Bagh area was virtually submerged under water, the negotiation met tremendous success and Federation was recognised as the sole bargaining body for the Officer Community of the bank.

6. The agreement of 1984 continues to remain as a memorable milestone in the history of Federation because keeping in view Federation's majority status Bank agreed to consult/negotiate with the Federation in respect of all policy matters concerning officers in the Bank.

7. On 18.6.1986, one of our staunch and loyal Comrade G Ramakrishna Rao of Andhra Pradesh was attacked with acid due to his sincere discharge of duties as Enquiry Officer in Domestic Enquiry. At the direction of Federation, its AP Unit went on one day lightening strike and CMD was forced to send one General Manger to resolve the crisis. The affected officer was sanctioned Special Leave with full salary for almost ten years, which is a record in the history of Banking Industry.

8. On 19th August 1987 full fledged Transfer Policy was framed and Representative of Management and Federation signed the Policy and it is history in the Banking industry that explicit Transfer Policy was framed for movement of officers from one place to another.

9. Agitation in 1989 to restore officers' prestige and self-respect. In the year 1989 Federation launched countrywide organisational action programme against gross indiscipline, which included use of abusive and filthy language and manhandling of officers at work places vis-à-vis management inaction to curb indiscipline. The agitation continued for about one month and the management was forced to initiate action against delinquent employees. Thereafter, working conditions at work places started improving resulting in restoration of confidence, self-respect and dignity of the officers.

10. In 1993 Transfer Policy was further amended and Transfer on promotion was introduced. The basis of transfer from average longest stay to longest continuous stay was introduced.

11. Bank's health started deteriorating since 1989, which became a matter of concern to all including Federation.

12. Bank's health started deteriorating since 1989, which became a matter of concern to all including Federation.

13. Bank's Board in its meeting held on 31.1.1997 approved a proposal mooted by Government Nominee on the Board to freeze wages in the Bank. Our nominee Com. S Roy Choudhury and Workmen nominee vehemently protested and staged an walk-out.

14. Federation took up the matter with AIBOC and AIBOC contacted all the Central Trade Unions in Calcutta. Federation also contacted all the unions of our Bank and staged a massive demonstration in front of our Bank on 3.2.1997 and the gathering was addressed by all the central leadership of AIBOC, AIBEA, BEFI, AIBOA and others and thereafter, in a joint deputation to Executive Director, all the Unions voiced their strong protest against Bank's action. Subsequently, on the next Board meeting i.e. on 19.2.1997 all unions in our Bank sent a joint deputation to the members of the Board and demanded withdrawal of the proposal of Wage Freeze. The Board withdrew their proposal of Wage Freeze. The unified struggle of officers and employees could repulse the ill designed move of the management and the Government.

15. Health of UCO, UBI and Indian Bank was deteriorating first. In 1997, Shri P Chidambaram, the then Union Finance Minister convened a meeting at Bank's Head Quarter at Kolkata, which was attended by all Directors and all Trade Unions of Bank. In the said meeting, a MoU was signed in presence of Shri Chidambaram on a Strategic Revival Plan of the Bank. The officers and employees were required to sacrifice many benefits till Bank comes to rails.

16. Federation had taken the lead role in Bank's Strategic Revival Plan by way of motivating the officers to plunge into action to improve the health of the Bank in various fields such as house-keeping, NPA recovery, deposit mobilization, deployment of credit etc. The efforts of all including Federation paid dividend. Bank could earn nominal net profit in 1999 after gap of 11 years. And, thereafter, Bank has been continually earning operating and net profit.

17. In 1999 in the name of forming LHO at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Lucknow & Kolkata tried to dislodge Head office from Kolkata. Federation went on agitation to stall the decision of Management and ultimately Management was forced to withdraw their decision.

16. In the year 2000 promotion policy was further amended with a clause that group discussion was introduced for promotion from Scale-III to Scale-IV and ScaleIV to Scale V which is unique in the industry.

17. In 2002 Promotion Policy was further amended 20% vacancy was reserved for Senior Officers in Scale-I to ensure at least one promotion in life-time.

18. Leased accommodation linked with D.A. unique in the Industry.

19. Defence Councel Training Programmes organised from time to time covering its State Units.

20. Leadership Development Programme organised from time to time covering its State Units.

21. Formation of AIUCBOF-Welfare Fund in 1983.

22. Back dating of Seniority (196).

23. CAIIB increments to the officers promoted from clerical cadre in 1987.

24. Integration of Chief Cashiers to the main stream.

25. Integration of AFO with the main stream.

26. Merger of accounts and cash department in the year 2001.

27. Publication of books from time to time to guide the officers.

28. Counting of seniority from the temporary period of service.

29. Training Programmes in HRD/CREDIT/IT to leaders.

30. Fund collected through one day's salary contribution by all members was donated to West Bengal/Odisha/Gujarat Governments for people affected by Flood/Super Cyclone/Earthquake.

31. Resistance to ARC and Public Issues.

32. General Council formed in 2000 envisaging a new approach to meet the requirement arising from Bank's restructuring of its administrative set-up.

33. Federation signed agreement with the bank to introduce Segment Specialisation in the fields of IT, Credit, Foreign Exchange, Treasury & Investment, Merchant Banking and HRD.

34. Introduction of Holiday Home Thrift Society, Social Welfare organisation in State Units.

35. Publication of Manual for Growth-I to ensure safeguard of officers against aggressive mid-market segment lending.

36. Representation in Bank's Audit Committee/Management Committee.

37. Hosting of Federation's own Website in 2003.

38. Categorization of Posts of Officers at all tiers formalized with Federation in 2008, which was approved by Board and again it was reviewed in 2012.

39. Registration of Check-Off facility to registered Unions/Associations only implemented by Bank from September 2010 due to intense pressure of Federation.

40. Conversion of AIUCBOF Welfare Fund into AIUCBOF Welfare & Benevolent Trust settled by Federation in 2002.

41. Federation's own Guest House at Shimla, New Delhi, Kolkata and Tirupati.

42. Amendment of Transfer Policy in 2008 replacing 'State' concept of transfer by 'Zone' concept.

43. Amendment of Promotion Policy in 2010 and framing of an ad-hoc Promotion Policy scrapping written test due to unavailability of adequate numbers of candidates in inter-scale promotions.

44. Removal of Fitment Anomaly of Officers from time to time.

45. Formation of Joint Committee in 2009 comprising Management and Federation representatives to prepare approach papers on:

i. Review of Promotion Policy of Officers including review of Performance Appraisal Reports.
ii. Career Path for Officers.
iii. Career Progressing Policy for Specialist Officers.
iv. Rationalisation of Performance Appraisal Report.

46. Silver Jubilee Celebration of Confederation (1985-2010)

AIBOC completed Silver Jubilee of its meaningful journey. To commemorate the event as a milestone in the history of Bank Officers' movement, Inaugural programme was held at Chennai


48. At the initiatives of our Federation 'other allowances' to our comrades in UCO sponsored RRBs at par with us have been extended.

49. The Conclave on "UCO - A Road Ahead" was organized at Kolkata on 12th February, 2011 by Bank to discuss the long-term plan (5 Years plan) for the Bank. the conclave could be held due to the initiatives of the General Secretary of our Federation. as acknowledged by Chairman & Managing Director our suggestion on opening of new Zones yielded result. Since the Conclave was held Bank opened 6new2 More new Zones shall be opened .

50. SALARY REVISION EXTENDED TO OFFICERS IN REGIONAL RURAL BANKS and at the initiatives of our Federation 'other allowances' to our comrades in UCO sponsored RRBs at par with us have been extended.


52. Federation raised strong voice against extension of services and demanded corrective steps and conclusion of enquiry positively before retirement. Persistent follow-ups paid dividend. The incidents of extension of services came down to 1 in 2012 from 16 in 2011 and 11 in 2010.

53. FEDERATION CONTINUED EFFORT HAS COMPELLED BANK TO IMPLEMENT provisions of Indian Trade Union Act, 1926 and judgment of the Supreme allowing the duly elected Office Bearers of the majority Union/Association to participate in IR Meetings/Discussion with Bank Manageme2012with the approval for the payment of TA/DA as per entitlement and upto the permissible number.

54. Due to Federation's proloned and continued persuasion recently Bank has started paying of monthly reimbursement of 12,000/- only to all Assistant General Managers excluding those who are provided with Bank's car facility, in lieu of provision of Bank's Car to them.

55. On Federation's demand for payment of Halting Allowance to the Probationary Officers during their on-the-job training as per OSR, Bank started paying in addition to journey and diem charges during journey period, a sum of '9,000/- w.e.f. 05.5.2012 for movement from one centre to another during their on-the-job training.

56. Federation demanded payment of gratuity to the officers who are compulsorily retired or against whom there are judicial proceedings not connected with the Bank pending in terms of provisions of the Gratuity Act, 1972 and the judgment of the Supreme Court of India and the Division Bench of Patna High Court. Bank has started releasing payment of gratuity to these officers.

57. NOTIONAL FIXATION OF SENIORITY OF SPECIALIST OFFICERS FROM THE DATE OF THEIR INTERVIEW-Federation had taken up the matter Bank gave them notional seniority from the date of their interview.

58. New Pension Scheme-Bank did not start deducting 10% of Basic Pay and DA from officers and employees who joined the Bank on or after April 01, 2010 in line with other Banks, Federation requested Bank for immediate deduction of 10% of Basic Pay and DA from officers and employees and also to extend interest free loan to the new recruits for arrears contribution to the pension fund. .After Federation's taking up the matter of deduction Bank started deduction of. members' contribution in this scheme.

59. For the first time in Bank Officers'/Employees' Trade Union Movement, Federation introduced a new weaponry for percolation of grievances of officers to the Chairman & Managing Director, Executive Directors, General Manager, HRM, Corporate General Managers, Circle Heads and Zonal Managers. Executive Committee Members of Federation and its State Units and general members at large sent SMS containing in gist the grievances of officers of Bank to the Top Management of Bank and Functional Heads as stated above on 9 dates from June 4 to 22, 2012.

60. Persistent efforts of Federation paid dividend. Bank Implemented Management Relation Policy for Officers and IR Policy for Workmen from April, 2013. The MR Policy debars minority officers' organization from discussion on policy matter.

Officers' Representation on Bank's Board

Officers' Representation on Bank's Board

S D Parelkar The decade of seventies is also memorable in the history of Federation as for the first time Com. S D Parelkar, General Secretary of Federation was appointed as Officer Director on Bank's Board on 11th December, 1972 paving the way for representation of Officers in the decision making process of the Bank.

D R Kapoor Thereafter, Com. D R Kapoor, President of Federation was appointed as Officer Director on Bank's Board in the year 1978 and continued till 1983.
After retirement of Com. D R Kapoor, the post of Officer Director was lying vacant till 1991.

In the intervening period management of our Bank tried to nominate Officer who was not an office bearer of the Federation. Federation resisted the move of the Bank. Many other Banks tried to do the same. Federation took up the matter with AIBOC and AIBOC filed a case at Supreme Court and ultimately Supreme Court delivered a judgement that only among the three nominated representatives of the majority officers' organisation one can be nominated to the Board as Officer Director.

S Roy Choudhury Thus on 14th November 1991 Com. S Roy Choudhury, General Secretary of Federation was nominated as Officer Director to the Board after a long gap of 8 years and he continued for two consecutive terms upto 14th November 1997.

On 18th February 2002 Sri S Roy Choudhury, General Secretary of Federation was re-appointed as Director on the Bank's Board and his tenure was upto 30.11.2003 i.e. date of his retirement from Bank's service.

Tapan Kakati On 29th December 1998 Sri Tapan Kakati, Senior Vice-President was appointed as Director on the Bank's Board and remained till 28th December 2001.

J C Shandil On 8th October 2004, Com. J C Shandil, the then Vice-President and present President of Federation was appointed as Officer Director on Bank's Board and he continued for two consecutive terms upto 8th October 2010.

J C Shandil Nomination of our representatives on Bank's Board was stalled for about two years for several false and mischievous complains being lodged to the ministry by some disgruntled and frustrated elements. Now, after waiting for two years Central Government nominated our Joint General Secretary Com. D. N. Thakur as Officer Employee Director on the Board w.e.f. 13.12.2012 for a period of 3 years.