All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation
All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation (Registered Under the Indian Trade Unions Act,1926)
Affiliated to All India Bank Officers' Confederation

Future Outlook

Symbol of our Federation

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The big circle denotes the correlation of officers' interest irrespective of different caste, creed & category.

The Human figures denote representation of 19 state units. Their feet are stepped unitedly within the levelled line of struggle.

The small circle denotes unification of all officers and struggle. Unity and struggle is the symbol of AIUCBOF.

Organization - Only Officers' Organization Of Our Bank Progressive & Not Static And Not Dictated By Others

Bank officers' organizations led by our Federation is progressive and not static. It extends its helping hands to Bank whenever required. At the same time, it does not hesitate to agitate for the cause and rights of the officers. Moreover, we are the only organization, which is apolitical .

Total Organization Overwhelming Majority - Aiucbof, Trust, Pensioners' Organization, Educational Trust, Co-Operative Societies By Units, Organizing Social Responsibility

And above all we are deeply involved in social welfare activities. Our Units have been running school for mentally challenged children, adopted village, contributing generously to the social cause. Both Federation and its Units firmly believe that we owe a lot to the society. . One Cadre One Union: Dream of Federation With the formation of Workmen led Officers' Organisation in Public Sector Banks including our bank and pampering of these organisation by the management, the Unity of Officers got disrupted. Looking into the pressing necessity to consolidate the Officer Community under one umbrella to survive honourably under the present day economic scenario, Federation as well as its Units plunged into action towards this direction, efforts of which have paid rich dividends. Federation commands brute majority in Head Office and 30 out of 35 Zones. Most of the Scale-IV & above Officers are Direct Members of our Federation and none to AIBOA. Although Federation's cherished dream of 'One Cadre One Union' is yet to blossom in full, but the officers all over the country irrespective of any caste, creed or political affiliation are united as Officer Community under the banner of Federation. The search for identity that commenced in 1964 has now matured into a reality. Inspite of having many problems and constraints having much wider ramification in the present day context, the Officers of UCO Bank are surviving honourably with their heads high and their aspiration, ambition and destiny being decided by their own Federation.

Organization - Only Officers' Organization Of Our Bank Progressive & Not Static And Not Dictated By Others
Task Ahead
Responsibility - Generation Into Transition - Lead Them To Safer Work-Place

Present leaders in Bank as well as in our Organization have got a noble responsibility to create a safer and healthy work-place for new generation officers before they leave the Bank as in family we do so for our children. About 62% of officers fall within the age-bracket of 50 to 60 years, which has resulted in ageing leadership, both in Bank and Organization. About 20% officers fall within the age bracket of 30 to 50, which clearly reveals no recruitment in Bank for a continuous period of more than 15 years.

Right To Domain Knowledge

Bank appears to be oblivious of its responsibility to import domain knowledge to its Officers. In recent past, Bank has embarked upon recruiting Probationary Officers, Specialist Officers in different Scales, Generalist Officers with specialist qualifications through lateral and campus recruitment. Moreover, Officers are promoted to higher scales within a very short period without having adequate/no job knowledge and experience. There are large numbers of Officers who do not have any domain knowledge i.e. no banking experience.Banking is the essential function of Banks..

Community College

The Community College is an alternative system of education, which is aimed at the empowerment of the disadvantaged and the underprivileged (urban poor, Rural poor, Tribal poor and Women) through appropriate skills development leading to gainful employment in collaboration with the local industry and the community and achieve skills for employment and self employability of the above sections of people in the society. The Community College is an innovative educational alternative that is rooted in the community providing holistic education and eligibility for employment to the disadvantaged. The vision of the Community College is to be of the Community, for the Community and by the Community and to produce responsible citizens.. Federation has decided to open its first Community College at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh followed by West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh.

Golden Jubilee Celebration Of Federation 2013-14

Our Federation shall step into its Golden Jubilee in the year 2014. To travel a journey of 50 years meaningfully and growing from strength to strength with the passage of time is a great achievement for any organization and such occasion needs to be celebrated in a befitting manner so that every officer takes pride to become a member of the mighty Federation and younger generation officers get enthusiasm and encouragement and come forward to shoulder organizational responsibility.