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Nabonnayan, our wing to social welfare activities, was dreamt by our beloved leader, Com. Soumen Roy Choudhury, to serve the society.

NABONNYAN, a Social Initiative of the Association of Officers of UCO Bank, West Bengal was formed on 28th July 2002 and started its maiden journey with Blood Donation Camp at Rampurhat in Birbhum District, West Bengal on 28.07.2002 which attracted overwhelming response from the local population. Thereafter, Mangaldihi, a village under Bolpur sub-division was adopted and series of social upliftment programmes like sinking of tube wells and other activities in the sphere of health, hygiene, education and vocational training was implemented. On 5th September 2005, a Computer Training Centre was inaugurated in the village to impart computer awareness amongst the growing children of the area.

Today, Nabonnayan has become part and parcel of officers of UCO Bank. For the noble cause of welfare of society, our Association extends a financial contribution to Rs.10/- per head per month as well as our Federation provides a monthly financial contribution of Rs.5/- per member.

Within the very first year of its formation, Nabonnayan reached a milestone when it adopted a village, Mangaldihi in Birbhum District, 15 Kms. Away from Bolepur (Shantiniketan), for its all round development. Twelve tubewells were sunk to mitigate the hardship of the villagers who suffer from acute scarcity of drinking water.

A two days' Health Camp was organized at Mangaldihi Village which was attended by a team of renowned Physicians and Surgeons from Kolkata, where free medicines were distributed to more than 500 people after diagnosis of the diseases. Similar Health Awareness Camp has also been organized at UCO Bank, Sadananda Road Branch, Kolkata.

Nabonnayan has adopted a school of mentally challenged children of Behala, christened “BEHALA BIKASHAN”. At present, Behala Bikashan is providing effective training by trained teachers headed by a Principal. The mission was to uphold the idea that they are not a burden of the society rather they can contribute effectively to human resources.

The school imparts special education, vocational training and counseling programmes to such otherwise able young boys & girls. Twenty numbers of students are fully sponsored for the cost of their fees and ancillary expenses. Moreover administrative costs including monthly rental of the school premises is borne by Nabonnyan. Efforts are on to buy a piece of land for construction of own building. As that would require huge funds, more so when modern equipments and amenities for imparting training to special children is a must, we invite participation of members, consciously willing to share their efforts towards future development of such students to ensure their independent survival in the society with respect.

Last year, Behala Bikashan was invited by National Trust under Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment to participate in an exhibition held at New Delhi. Recently, it has received a grant of Rs.4.60 lac from Coal India limited under their Corporate Social Responsibility Scheme & the They have also received grant from Govt of West Bengal
While appreciating the need and importance of computer awareness among the villagers and imparting computer knowledge among rural youths, Nabonnyan opened one Computer Training Centre at Mangaldihi.