All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation
All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation (Registered Under the Indian Trade Unions Act,1926)
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AIUCBOF Educational & Entrepreneurship Development Institute(AEEDI) at Suri, Dist. Birbhum, West Bengal

The Institute,AEEDI, Suri

The institute has been set up by Ail India UCOBank Officers Federation Educational & Entrepreneurship Trust (AEEDT). It has started functioning from 7th August,2013. The objectives of the Institute are

  • (i) To empower individuals through appropriate skill development programmes leading to gainful employment / self-employment

  • (ii) To conduct programmes like General EDP, Agr. EDP, Products and Service EDP in BPO, Finance, Banking, Insurance and Accounting, Fire Safety, Security Management, Front Office Management, Housekeeping, Automobile, Fabrication, Electronics, Information and Communication Technology, Printing, Garments, Water Harvesting Management, Tourism and Hotel Management, Foreign Language, Beautician, Creative Writing and Communication Skills, Construction Design, Transport Management, Retailing Management, Hospitality Management, Law etc.

  • (iii) To develop skills for employment and self employability, particularly to the marginalized and underprivileged sections of society.

  • (iv) To conduct tailor made programmes to suit local needs and requirements.

  • (v) To increase the professional capacity of higher secondary school teachers, college teachers, ITI, polytechnic, engineering college, community college and vocational college teachers.

  • (vi) To conduct programmes to promote and inculcate the dignity of labour, the appreciation of intellectual gifts and talents of all kinds.

  • (vii) To bring out, encourage and develop the inventive and research faculties of the pupils and teachers and to afford opportunity for research work in art, science and industrial undertakings.

  • (viii) To attain and carry out any other objects as the trustees may decide from time to time within the frame work of the main objects.


The institute has a pool of faculty members comprising of experienced retired Branch Bankers and support of ex-faculty members of UCO Bank having exposure to training system for 10 to 15 years who retired as AGM/DGM. This apart, faculty support from Govt. Officials for technical inputs as required would be available as assured.

Advisory Council

The advisory council of the institute comprises of reputed professionals of different field viz. Chartered Accountant, HR Professional, Ex- Bank Executive etc. whose valuable guidance will be available for efficient management of the institute both in the area of administration and academics.


The Institute will conduct skill development and other programmes in tune with its objectives. Various programmes of Entrepreneurship Development customized to the requirement of the sponsoring agency shall also be offered. This apart, programmes in the area of banking ( Credit, Recovery etc.) will be also on offer for participants from PSBs & RRBs.