All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation
All India UCO Bank Officer's Federation (Registered Under the Indian Trade Unions Act,1926)
Affiliated to All India Bank Officers' Confederation


Role of Federation in Social Welfare Activities

In the 4th Biennial Conference of Federation held at Hyderabad from November 28 to 30, 1982, a unique fund named All India United Commercial Bank Officers' Federation Members' Welfare Fund, a rare scheme in the banking industry in those days, was launched to extend various welfare benefits to the officers. Com. M K Ramchandran took main initiative to form the Fund. Com. C R P Haran took up the uphill task for smooth functioning of the Fund since its formation. The said Fund has since been taken over by AIUCBOF Welfare & Benevolent AIUCBOF Welfare, which was born in a very humble way in our Hyderabad Conference in 1982 in order to bestow few welfare benefits to the members, was converted into AIUCBOF Welfare & Benevolent Trust to broad base its activities in 2002. The Trust has grown into a huge tree extending several benefits to its members. The total membership of the Trust is 8377 The benefits being extended by Trust are stated below:
  • Holiday Home Facility: Reimbursement is made towards actual amount paid for accommodation or 1000/- whichever is less.
  • Medical Aid Scheme : Serving members with spouse and dependent children as per bank's scheme and Retired members with spouse can enjoy medical benefit to the extent of 1 Lac after settlement by bank/insurance company as the case may be, on payment of small amount of donation for each financial year in the month of April.
  • Death Relief : In case of death or permanent disablement of a member while in service, death relief/compensation amount of 50000/- is payable to his/her nominee.
  • Meritorious Children Award : For securing 80% and 75% marks in Xth and XIIth standard respectively.
  • Health Check up Scheme for Retired members : 800/- reimbursed annually on production of receipt.
  • Orthopedic Equipment for Retired members : One time reimbursement of 2000/-